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                                                WHAT IT IS { ABOUT }

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Every movement, every word, every action shared in the #byBlackWomen space includes an honest kind of love.


#byBlackWomen is where one can come for inspiration, to be invigorated.


It is a space that invites and reminds us all to invest in ourselves while remembering all those who have, in their way, invested in us.

It is a manifestation of the support offered, #byBlackWomen, that moves the world.


It is a celebration of words #byBlackWomen, that shake bodies, make room for change and activate thought.


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Premiering Summer 2020

THREE asks Black women to share one of their favorite pieces of writing by a Black woman.  The selection could be an excerpt from a book, a play, a speech, a song, an article, a letter from mom.  Anything, written by a Black woman, that inspires them or has inspired them, that speaks to them or spoke to them at some point in time.


It is the hope that the curation of the selected pieces {that will be shared on an ongoing basis} will provoke a curiosity, some excitement, and inspire others to learn more about the writer of the words and the woman who shared them or the subject matter or that the thoughts the selections conjure up will develop into more...


Simply, the mission of this project is to create a digital gallery of inspiration - a greatest hits wall of words shared #byBlackWomen that can be viewed and listened to in order to develop dialogue, build community, deepen connections, and inspire others to inspire with their words {and actions} daily. 

THREE by BLACK WOMEN will be available for viewing below/on Instagram {check it out and follow @byBlackWomen}.


If you would like to be alerted when a new video is shared use the fom and get in touch!

Thanks for making contact!

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